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survey participants wanted: mental health in militant milieu - radical mental health [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
radical mental health

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survey participants wanted: mental health in militant milieu [Feb. 7th, 2007|10:00 am]
radical mental health


survey participants wanted: mental health in militant milieu

Message: ***pour une version francaise
contactez amanda@resist.ca***

I am writing an article about the ways
in which we need to develop a more
compassionate and cohesive strategy for
dealing with what is commonly termed
"mental health issues" in our
communities. The original proposal for
the article is below. Right now, I am
looking for people to respond to a
questionnaire over email about your
experiences. Please read further for
more information or write to me at
amanda@resist.ca with questions or to

There are 2 parts, the first would be
closed-ended questions about what you
experience/how you situate yourself
within a mental health discourse and the
second would be more open-ended
questions relating to what you have
needed or been able to provide for
people struggling with mental health and
in/sanity and what you think could be or
needs to be done to build a more
sustainable supportive community or network.

I am asking people to respond to either
part or both, and you could opt out of
any questions you wanted to.

Nothing on email is 100% secure but to
the best of my ability i will keep your
participation and responses completely
confidential. Any responses in French
will need to be translated but will be
done without your name or contact info
associated with it, by someone who will
also commit to absolute confidentiality.
Anonymous responses are welcome. I will
under no circumstances disclose the
names or contacts of anyone who
participated, or any identifying facts
or features, without explicit consent
from the person/people involved. I will
transfer responses to a file that
doesn’t associate directly to your
name, email or contact info. The survey
will ask permission to maintain a system for
reassociating your contact info with
your questionnaire in the event that i
want to ask permission to follow up with
you specifically. If you decline
permission, I will remove any way of
associating your contact info with your

This is not rigorous research and not
supervised by anyone else; i have no
formal training in research methods and
do not have any criteria for
participation other than self-selection.

At the moment, i want to use these
responses as indications of the
realities of people in left-libertarian
scenes in an article i am writing
for perspectives. i hope to do public
talks and more writing in the

Contact me for a copy of the article

Thanks very much for your time. I can
be contacted at amanda@resist.ca